Take to the skies

Our Professional Pilot option is a 12-13 month full-time European Approved (JAA) training programme, designed to take new cadets with zero experience to holding a frozen Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL/IR) with Instrument rating, including 40 hours of (MCC/JOC) airline preparation training on Cat-D full motion Boeing simulators.

Young pilots working hard Young pilots working hard

Course Advantages and Benefits

  • A full-time structured programme in great weather, saving money and time
  • European (JAR) approved qualification, allowing access to apply for First Officers roles with most European regional Airlines
  • Airline Preparation training (MCC/JOC) will help land that first interview, due to the fact this training is entirely delivered in full-motion Boeing simulators
  • Our unique 5-point Professional Pilot Guarantee minimises financial risk for you and your sponsors
Landing your qualifications

Course outline

  1. Basic visual flight training - in the USA over 6 weeks
  2. 750 hours of full-time ATPL Theoretical training - over 26 weeks
  3. Advanced CPL training - over 12 weeks
  4. Academy phase, in Florida, includes: Cabin Evacuation, Aircraft Ditching, Air Traffic Control, Fire Safety and CRM
  5. Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Jet Orientation (JOC) includes 40 hours in full motion Cat-D Boeing 737 or 767 Simulators over 4 weeks
  6. JAR Instrument Rating - in Europe over 3-4 weeks

Orientation Day

Your first day in our Professional Pilot programme involves an orientation day. This day will comprise: equipment supply, uniform sizing and issue, arranging of accommodation, introduction to staff and general tour of the facility. Basic flight training ground-school starts on that first evening, with real flight training commencing at the start of week two.

Young pilots working hard Young pilots working hard

What's included?

  • Student accommodation in the UK and US
  • All taxes
  • All approach and landing fees
  • 14 x ATPL theoretical training books
  • Flights to and from the USA (at additional cost).


  • Your training investment = £59,995 nil VAT
  • GapYearTraveller is offering a Scholarship, in 2013, of up to £10,000. To qualify all cadets must (a) start training in 2013 and (b) pass the pilot training assessment
  • With the scholarship in place the new Training price could be as low as £49,995 nil VAT.

When can I start?

Programme start dates

  • August 2013
  • October 2013
  • December 2013

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